well, shit.

this blog is just an import of my old xanga. crazy what you think was important at the time.


i’m blogging to keep my xanga alive.

it’s less than 2 weeks til the wedding. down to last minute crap. decisions i thought were made months ago, i’m making again.

programs were printed. seating chart is printed. dress is done. bridesmaids gifts are done.

jen and pete’s wedding was friday. it was beautiful. everything that i hope our wedding will be.

its winter. my heels are dry. i started going to the gym (regularly..) again. chapstick is both a friend and an enemy.

im loving rilo kiley all over again.

im getting a new tattoo on tuesday 9/4.

i am SO excited. haha. my left foot will be empty no more!

it will look kinda like my right foot:

but with “mexican folk art” style roses! the best example is on this pillow from urban outfitters:

love it!